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Movies that Travel

Wanderlust is something that ails me daily. The truth is, I just want to travel. I’ve always been this way and will be for life. This much I know! But just because I have the travel bug 24/7 doesn’t mean I get to do so nearly as much as I wish I could. On those days when I really need to escape to some place new but can’t quite afford it or find the time, I like to indulge in movies that literally move me.

Great Escape

That’s the awesome thing about movies. They provide us with a momentary departure into a world that is not our own. And aside from jumping into someone else’s storyline, what better way to truly feel like you’ve entered another world than for it to be set in a location that is foreign to you? Being the travel junkie that I am, it’s no surprise that I gravitate toward movies that take place in far off lands. And when a city becomes a character in a movie, much like they do in most recent Woody Allen films, well, that’s just the icing on the cake.

Image via Sun Sentinel

Eat Pray Love – Image via Sun Sentinel

The List

Here are my top 15 picks for movies that will have you traveling without ever moving. And if you do happen to add them to your Netflix queue, let’s hope they do inspire you to get moving…at least to your computer so you can research (and possibly plan) your next trip!

Disclaimer: These aren’t in any particular order. Also, I’m not saying that these are necessarily great movies, though I do happen to have enjoyed all of them; the point is that they’ll have you immersed in another city or culture for about two hours of (free!) travel bliss.

There are so many more I wanted to include but I had to narrow it down for you guys! What other travel-inspiring movies would you add to the list?

Channeling the ‘80s Through Carrie

Image via ZAP2it

Image via ZAP2it

I don’t know about you, but I live in a constant state of ‘80s nostalgia. As a child of a time where big hair and crazy print fashion were not only acceptable but in, I’m a little biased. And don’t even get me started on the music—I have more 80s artists on my Pandora stations playlist than from any other decade. So don’t judge me when I say that I was really curious to see what the CW’s new show The Carrie Diaries would do to my beloved 80s.

This former Sex and the City fan was afraid the storyline would not match up to my vision of a high school, pre-NYC Carrie Bradshaw. And I may not have been wrong about that, but then again, I’m not really into the show for the story; for those of you who don’t know, the show, which is based off of Candace Bushnell’s prequel novel by the same name, takes some liberties with Carrie’s backstory, but I won’t go into that because I’m not here to prove factual inaccuracies.

I am, however, thrilled with the music and fashion inserted flawlessly into every episode. Billy Idol, Duran Duran, Depeche Mode, Talking Heads, New Order, Modern English—these are just a few of all the musical greatness that has already graced just the first two episodes! This alone is enough to hook me, but what keeps me coming back for more each week is the awesome 80’s style choices. As a friend of mine said, now that Gossip Girl is gone, we needed a fabulous fashion replacement that was equally a love letter to New York City.

We all know that fashion is cyclical, and clearly the 80s have made a fashion comeback in recent years, but I couldn’t help but laugh this week when I saw AnnaSophia Robb (in character as Carrie) wearing an almost identical sweater to one I just got from Gap about two months ago. Maybe that’s what’s so enthralling about the fashion on this show—that while it’s nostalgic, it’s also something we might totally, or actually, wear today.

Let’s have a look, shall we?

Image via She Knows

Image via Star Pulse


Image via Fan Pop

Image via Fan Pop

Image via Hollywood Reporter

What’s so great about 80’s fashion is that you could pretty much mix and match anything and it would work. In a way, it was easy and uncomplicated. Neons, sequins, patterns, animal prints, polka dots, solids, stripes—you name it. The rule was there are no rules. Anything goes!

What do you think? Would you wear any of these looks from The Carrie Diaries? As for me, I’ll be tuning in next week in hopes of hearing The Cure on a future episode and to see how I can inject even more color into my own wardrobe.

Men in Blue

You may have heard there was a little party thrown in D.C. earlier today. Yes, POTUS Barack Obama’s second and final presidential inauguration took place in our nation’s capital just hours ago and all eyes were on fashion, of course! But while everyone loves talking about what the First Lady is wearing, it was Jay-Z’s Tom Ford suit that stole the show. And while having an always stunning Beyoncé on your arms definitely helps turn heads, I couldn’t help but be drawn to how sharp this man–whom we’re used to seeing so often in black and white–looked in this suit with a complementing scarf, tie, and dress shirt in slightly varying hues of blue.

Image via:; Photo credit: JEWEL SAMAD/AFP/Getty Images

Image via Fashionista

This got me thinking about navy blue suits. They’re like the coolest guy in school’s sidekick/best friend—slightly less popular and always second-in-line despite his unassuming charm. When you think of men’s suits, black comes to mind first but usually that’s if it’s a black-tie or otherwise super formal affair. When you need a suit that doesn’t scream wedding or funeral but rather job interview or business attire, you might opt for a gray or brown, for the somewhat conservative appeal. But navy blue… it pops! Especially when paired with well-matched tones, as Jay has so eloquently done which his inaugural style choices today. (Correction: Just kidding! It’s come to my attention that Jay’s suit is actually not navy blue but rather a blueish gray. It’s all those blue accessories he had on that threw me off. Time to go get my eyes checked. He would look great in blue, too, though!)

Image via

Image via moviefone

Take Javier Bardem, for example. Now, this man needs no help in the sex appeal department—just listen to him speak! But see how amazing this navy blue Dior Homme suit looks on him? Sleek and sophisticated, it speaks to you; telling you that, yes, Señor Bardem is ready to chat you up and buy you a drink. Okay, maybe that’s just wishful thinking on my part (for all of us!). But seriously, had this suit been black, or gray, or brown, he may have seemed a little less fun, no?

I leave you with this final photo of another fashion-conscious man who knows how to wear a navy blue suit. And well, I couldn’t leave Justin Timberlake out because he’s all about suiting up. Suit & Tie, anyone?

Image via

Image via StyleBistro

Who do you think wears a navy blue suit the best?


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