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Embracing Awareness with Hearts

Happy Earth Day! In honor of today, I want to tell you guys about a wonderful fashion e-commerce retail site I discovered last week that inspires people to think differently about what they buy. Consumerism can impact change on a global scale and that’s why Hearts believes in conscious consumerism, which only comes with transparency–meaning you know the facts about the items you purchase. Do you ever question whether the products you buy exert a high impact on the earth? Are they ethically sourced? You get the picture.

Creating Change with Conscious Minds

Hearts is part of a growing fashion movement that collaborates with artisans in the U.S. and around the globe to offer rare, chic designs that keep “people and planet” in mind. Eco-friendly materials are used whenever possible and items are crafted with low-impact processes. What I love most about Hearts is their mantra of working toward conscious consumerism and demanding that other companies do the same. And that you can purchase products from around the world (you know how much I love anything travel-related!) that you cannot find here.


Fashioning a Better Future

What exactly can you buy on the Hearts website? Bags, jewelry, fashion accessories–you name it! They make it easy to find what you’re looking for too. You can shop by Process, Materials, and World Causes, for example. Or you can find your own style within the Hearts collection and shop by your personal style: Advocate, Peacemaker, Explorer, Ambassador, Rebel, or Historian.

I was personally drawn to the Hearts site by their really cool, different items made from natural materials. But once I learned the story behind the brand, I was even more interested in supporting their business. How great would it be if for every item you ever bought, you’d be able to learn exactly where it came from, how it was made, and how your purchase would benefit the artisan(s) who made it?

If you care about fashion and world affairs, and would like to learn more about Hearts’ Product Values, head on over to their site for a ton of info on how fashion can positively affect people and the planet.

Where do you usually shop for environmentally-friendly, sustainable products?


Disclosure: Hearts did not ask me to write this nor did I receive any compensation for this post. I just really love what they’re doing!